Our Mission

“A house is made of walls and beams. A home is made of hopes and dreams.”


As everyone knows, it’s the little things that make a house become a home. To the Friends of Sunny Hill, it is the commitment to that concept that makes every day as special as possible for our residents and families.

Since 1968, more than 7,000 elderly and disabled residents have called Sunny Hill Nursing Home of Will County their home. It is a home filled with hope, encouragement and support as they face the uncertainty of illness and aging. Owned and operated by the County of Will, Sunny Hill is a resident-centered home that seeks to build relationships with and honor the choices of its residents.

Since 1989, a group of community volunteers called The Friends of Sunny Hill has raised and invested over $700,000 in providing the special things that bring enjoyment and meaning to everyday life that cannot be provided for in the County’s general operational budget. Thanks to the caring and friendship of many, these improvements continue to raise the quality of life of our residents, while helping the County of Will remain fiscally responsible and lessen the tax burden.

Why give to Friends of Sunny Hill?

99.7% of funds raised through campaign donations or Friends of Sunny Hill events have gone to the actual purchase of planned items, and not to overhead expenses of the group.

Friends of Sunny Hill make a difference in the lives of our residents. We’re proud of our history of helping them realize their dreams by raising funds to obtain important daily items that provide them with dignity and mobility including purchasing:

  • Three wheelchair accessible 18 passenger busses
  • Large screen TV’s and wall-mounted TV’s for resident’s rooms and gathering areas
  • Creation of the facility’s Sweets & Treats Shoppe, open daily and operated by the Friends of Sunny Hill
  • Funding of all resident entertainment/performances and “Music & Memories” programming (assistance of music in enhancing dementia resident engagement)
  • The renovation and annual upkeep of three beautiful, safe, and accessible garden patios and courtyard

Please join us in making a difference in the lives of each of our residents and help us to continue to provide them with a home filled with the highest sense of community, warmth, dedication, independence, self-determination and excellence.

The Residents of Sunny Hill Nursing Home of Will County and the Friends of Sunny Hill thank you for your continued friendship and support.

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